It is surprisingly common to see businesses go through the “build and forget” syndrome when it comes to their website. Modern day digital marketing is all about content that is fresh. If your website is not updated on a regular basis, chances are you are losing out on a lot more than you bargained for.

  • Losing out on Search Engine Rewards

Search engines are constantly striving to help users find the right information on the internet. To be able to maintain value and remain relevant on the World Wide Web, you want to constantly update your website content. This helps search engine identify you as a consistent source of reliable information, hereby rewarding you with better rankings on their SERPs.

  • Losing out on Repeat Visitors

By not updating your content, you are essentially not giving your users a reason to come back. Just like how search engines will consider your website outdated, so will your visitor. People tend to assume that a website that isn’t updated equates to a business that no longer exists or grows

  • Missing out on Critical Insights

Most businesses today rely on quantifiable information to make key business decision. Understanding what works and what doesn’t with regards to engaging audiences and bringing in more traffic helps drive your website to success. Acquiring such insights becomes challenging if your portal remains un-updated over the years.

All in all, updating and adding content on your website is an excellent way to improve its overall performance.