• Professional and Creative team at Cybez, designed a very impressive website for our organization recently. We sincerely appreciate their efforts and commend them for their quality work. With confidence, I can recommend them to any other organization looking for creating a website for their business.

     – G.K. Rohatgi, Last Miles & Smile Foundation

  • We were introduced to Mr. Atul Jain of Cybez by Ms. Heena Handa, a good family friend. The purpose of the initial meeting was regarding the problems that we were facing with our existing website and the hosting of the same.

    Mr. Jain was kind enough to come to our rescue and proposed a more ‘modern’ look for our website which is refreshing. One of the designs offered was selected and the modifications began. Mr. Jain and his team were fairly efficient in the delivery of the goods.

    Mr. Jain is an amenable gentleman who was able to gain our trust. He is open to suggestions, tireless in his efforts to please the client, forthcoming with suggestions and improvements and has led us through the process of new website construction and delivery with a lot of ‘hand holding’ and cooperation that we have all appreciated.

    It has been a pleasure to work with him and his team, and we hope to continue this mutually trusting and cordial relationship that we have developed.

    – Ajay Ahuja, Zutshi Travel