Sara Taseer Fine Jewellery

Sara Taseer Fine Jewellery is a leading jewellery design house in Singapore.

Jeweller and designer Sara Taseer presents a fine jewellery collection heralding the spirit of today’s woman. Creating distinctive designed fine jewellery which is characterised by detailed forms, vivid colours and three dimensional pieces of fine jewellery that are showcased as art, Sara Taseer balances strength with sensuality and elegance with boldness. Her pieces are provocative, eye-catching and laced with luxury.

Sara uses precious and rare materials, a diversified palette of gems and specialised manufacturing techniques from across the globe to express the soul of her sculpted bejewelled pieces. Sara’s unapologetic use of colour is a defining characteristic of her creative sensibility. Capturing beauty, femininity and sexuality with attitude defines her artistic mission. Her pieces are constructed to flow effortlesslessly with the female form.