MHA Legal

MHA legal can help the investors in selecting the most appropriate tax efficient and regulatory compliant entity structures depending upon the business requirements on the basis of 5 year projections and the requirement to repatriate profits out of India. Our team can assist in:

  • Undertaking entity analysis to suggest the most appropriate regulatory compliance and tax efficient model for undertaking business operations in India.
  • Undertaking funding option analysis to suggest appropriate funding option to fund the business operations in India keeping in mind the regulatory requirements / tax efficiency and ease of repatriate the investment
  • Assistance in obtaining necessary approvals from the Regulatory authorities, in case sector specific approval is required.
  • Assistance in incorporating appropriate business entity in India in the minimum time period and providing all related services thereto including obtaining initial registrations, opening of bank account in India, undertaking necessary filings to make Indian entity ready for business operations.
  • Assistance in preparing compliance manuals/ checklists and undertaking all applicable compliances on retainer ship basis.

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