How to Best Use Instagram for Business

Recent trends in social media marketing tell us that images and video are the most effective tools that can help drive interest on the internet. Instagram, mobile based image and video sharing social media tool has been able to leverage exactly this and help businesses reach out to wide audiences.

Since your Instagram can also be easily linked to your Facebook and Twitter pages, this platform proves to be a rather comprehensive method in enhancing customer experiences online. Here is how experts in digital marketing India have been leveraging the platform for business growth –

  • Creating an Appealing Account

To make your Instagram account work best for you, you need to make sure that you first get yourself a significant number of followers. Make sure you include high quality content that is engaging for the audience you intend to attract. Photo contests and other such tactics often seem to work. Stay active on a daily basis to keep it interesting at all times.

  • Improving Engagement

The number of likes or comments you receive here can be significant contributors to your success in this platform. Make it your aim to achieve a comment to like ratio of 1:100. Encourage comments by asking people to tag friends on contest posts or find other ways to be more engaging and eventually improve your follower strength.

Finally, use #Hashtags in the right way to make your business easily searchable on social media. Leverage trending hashtags that are related to your industry and create new ones that you think can catch on. Leverage the location feature to crowd source content and leverage it to create more engaging campaigns especially during events.