Have you heard about the guest post practice in SEO?

Ranking top in SERP or search engine results page is the ultimate goal of any SEO initiative. Is your website still struggling to be on the top? Does your digital marketing technique have a beneficial effect on your ranking? Amongst the numerous digital marketing techniques implemented by experts, an effective tool is the guest post practice. Enhancing the authority of a website by adding or building links into a guest blog is one of the safest search engine optimization practices.

When we say guest blogging, it is all about posting content related to the website and webmasters accepting the content, giving a ‘yes’ to the external links added into it. Use of too many links and the post stuffed with keywords tend to deem it spam and may be rejected by webmasters. Here lies the importance of posting relevant content, free from plagiarism and grammatical errors, with addition of a link or two with very few SEO keywords. Yes, the articles should be informative and useful for readers and not meet only the goals of SEO. Publishing of guest posts, i.e. accepting content contributions from outside or posts from other authors, has become a common SEO phenomenon for sometime now.

Here are few benefits of guest post practice:

  • It helps you take a little break from the monotonous task of posting content regularly on your website. Accepting guest posts will help readers read something new and let you consistently engage with your audience without break.
  • You can let new readers know about your business, thus expanding your reach
  • You can draw attention of new readers, thereby new visitors to your website. No wonder, your new visitors may turn into potential customers for your business in the long run.
  • Google encourages guest blogs, i.e. they do enhance your rankings in search engines
  • Guest blogs leave an indirect positive impact on your website, helping you increase visibility and build your reputation in the online community.