The phrase ‘responsive website’ is a new term for the layman who does use digital technology in everyday activities. But for all those who are involved in web development, it is a familiar term. This innovative development has only taken the web world by storm. Many a client who approaches a web development company for the creation and management of a website for individual or organization is advised for a responsive website. What does this phrase mean?

The phrase refers to the development of a website with an objective to let users view it and browse it optimally. The interaction between the user and the website happens satisfactorily with easy navigation, browsing, reading, scrolling, resizing, and panning. A responsive website can be viewed in any device, right from laptop, netbook to desktop and smart phones. In short, the viewing and browsing environment is made more presentable, compatible, and user-friendly irrespective of the device used.

Gone were the days when only desktop computers held sway. And then came the age of laptops followed by netbooks. Today, it is the age of mobiles, especially smart phones and tablets. Irrespective of which part of the world a user browses, it is either the pocket-friendly mobile or tablet that is the most widely used. Hence the demand for creation of a mobile or tablet version of websites! The screen resolution of a responsive website is compatible in all smart phone devices and tablets irrespective of whether one uses an iPhone, kindle, Micromax, BlackBerry or Samsung. Responsive websites are thus mobile friendly and tablet friendly. One can browse a website anytime anywhere, even while on the go, satisfactorily on a smart phone or a tablet.

If a website is to be created with different resolutions and versions for different devices, it is next to an impossible task. Not every visitor of a website will view or browse on a desktop. Business owners gain a competitive advantage with responsive websites. With traditional websites they may tend to lose visitors, which may indirectly mar their business growth.