Are you aware about value of Social signals?

Yes, you have heard it right! Social signal is indeed a ranking factor and effective digital marketing tool. No SEO strategy is complete without social signals today. Where social media has taken the world by storm with online businesses seeing a boom worldwide, having a robust online presence is a must for your business to grow fast. Have you improved your website’s social rankings? If no, start now! Avail the services of a trusted digital marketing services company and get noticed noticeably online! 

The laymen may not know the meaning of ‘social signals’, but for SEO experts, they are part of digital marketing strategies. Well, the likes, shares, votes, pins, or views that people place on various social media pages like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. that filter out to different search engines are called social signals. The more your post, irrespective of whether it is a picture, blog link, blog post, or video, etc., is liked, shared, and commented, thus turning it into an engaging post, the greater are its chances of getting filtered out to search engines. For a Twitter post, the more it is retweeted and favorited, the more is its reach and social signal status. Again, higher your number of followers on Facebook and Twitter, greater is the chance of getting ranked on top! The number of people you have in your circle on Google+ also has a positive impact on your online reach. Even positive reviews by customers on web about your products and services, increased inbound links and citations, repeat visitors to your website may have an indirect impact on enhancing your social signals. 

You may notice your post being indexed by Google, if you happen to search on Google, using your frequently used keywords. With social signals enhanced over a period of time, you may find it ranked among the top! That’s how social signals enhance your visibility in the online world!